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The Candidate Experience

ELI Recruiting was born with two main purposes. One, to serve our clients by providing the best candidates in record time. Two, to care for our most valuable resource: The Candidate. We do that by providing an exceptional Candidate Experience. We know that putting yourself out there to explore a new opportunity is tough, that it can be nerve wracking and stressful. That’s why we’re committed to providing the absolute best candidate experience. We make it to all our appointments, we follow up with you after every interview, we provide feedback in a timely manner, we’ll do everything to ensure you as a candidate feel valued and taken care of.

As a Hiring Manager, you should care about the candidate experience. A negative candidate experience will be detrimental to your company in many ways, while a positive one will help you attract and land talent. Don’t forget that while you are interviewing The Candidate, they are interviewing you too!

When a candidate goes through a terrible interview process, they’ll associate that with you and your team, and what it will be like working at your company. That leads to candidates that withdraw (even at offer stage), that ghost you, and that stretch out the interview process to think things through.

These candidates will also share their experience online on sites like Indeed or Glassdoor, hurting your brand and reputation. What’s more important for us recruiters: it will hurt your ability to attract candidates in the future. They will also share their experience with their friends, family and colleagues – who will not consider you in the future.

On the flip side, a great candidate experience will keep candidates engaged and motivated. They’ll be more receptive to your offer, and If they don’t get an offer, they’ll try again for a better fit in the future. They’ll tell their friends and colleagues about their great experience, which will help drive applicants to your career page, and improve response rates when reaching out to passive candidates.

At ELI we’ve brought together talented recruiters who know how to find hidden talent, engage, qualify and guide candidate’s through the interview process and to a successful offer. We have high expectations for our teams and our clients: We want strong partnerships to enable talented people to join your company, grow and succeed with you. We’re on a mission to provide the best Candidate Experience.

If your company is doing a great job providing an excellent Candidate Experience right now, that’s great! You can count on us to uphold those same high standards.

If your company is not doing such a great job, don’t worry! Take action instead. ELI Recruiting can help you fix it. Our recruiters and sourcers will partner with you to show you best practices, implement better processes and come up with the appropriate SLAs to help you succeed.

How important is the Candidate Experience to you?

Gustavo "Gus" Romano

Founder & Recruiter

About ELI

We are Recruiters that take enormous pride in what we do. That means getting the right candidate the first time, taking care of our client and the “candidate experience”.


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