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Choose between an hourly rate model or a flat monthly fee model.

Sourcing is the basis of our success, and we offer it as a Service to help you build robust candidate pipelines, drive more talent through interviews thereby improving your hire quality and cutting down your time to hire.

ELI helps you hire your team FASST:

Sourcing Science expertise, using advanced Boolean, X-Ray and other sourcing techniques. We do continuous research to find talent, no matter where they are.
From our first conversation, we want to understand your needs, get to know YOU, your culture, your mission and goals. Once we understand your value proposition, then we can attract the right people to your company.
Our team ensures that all candidates are qualified by pre-screening them on the phone/video call. Candidates are expertly qualified based on their technical skills, soft skills, as well as ensuring they align with your company’s mission.
Easy to read, concise and professional submittals. You get the resume and a screen form with all the information you’ll need to move forward to the next step.
Get more insight with our tailored reports. The additional information will help you track progress, answer business critical questions, and help you make decisions on your Hiring Strategy.

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Professional Recruitment Services


Our Recruiters will help you fulfill your hiring goals without going over your budget. Full Life Cycle Recruitment adjusted to your needs.


Certain Leadership and Niche roles require a specific approach. Contingency is a solution catered to these specific needs.

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