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10 TIPS to improve your candidate experience (for free)

You’re trying to make sure your candidate experience is second to none. Let us help you.
Here are some tips and ideas you can use that won’t cost you a penny and will dramatically improve your candidate experience scores.

Insight on ELI

Always Challenge Yourself

Sports in general will teach you a lot of important lessons: competitiveness, sportsmanship, discipline, hard work and getting better while pushing others to be their best as well. It also taught me to take on the tough challenges, to realize my limits are further than I, or other people, might realize, and that you never know how far you can go until you push yourself to that limit.

Insight on ELI

The Candidate Experience

ELI Recruiting was born with two main purposes. One, to serve our clients by providing the best candidates in record time. Two, to care for our most valuable resource: The Candidate. We do that by providing an exceptional Candidate Experience. We know that putting yourself out there to explore a new opportunity is tough, that it can be nerve wracking and stressful.

Professional Recruitment Services


We help you find passive, hidden talent. What our sourcers do, they do FASST: Find, Attract, Screen, Send, Track (Custom Reporting).


Our Recruiters will help you fulfill your hiring goals without going over your budget. Full Life Cycle Recruitment adjusted to your needs.


Certain Leadership and Niche roles require a specific approach. Contingency is a solution catered to these specific needs.

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